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Don't just recharge your a/c, get the leak fixed!

Take a break and schedule your Largo, FL diagnostic service

Around May people start coming in asking us to fix their air conditioning. Now Florida can get pretty toasty in mid-summer, so this isn't a trivial matter. Getting hot and sweaty in your car can lead to short tempers and accidents, so it's important to have that cold air blowing. Modern vehicle air conditioning systems are pretty complex though, so diagnosing problems takes specialist knowledge.

Our technicians here at Hoover Auto Repair Inc. are skilled at diagnosing a/c problems. If you need someone to check out your car's air conditioning, Largo has the place to go: Hoover Auto Repair Inc. just north of the Largo Mall on Seminole will explain how to get that cold air blowing. Give us a call (727)754-4119